Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sustaining elearning innovations

While participating in the nationally funded Flexible Learning Leaders in New Zealand Project back in 2005-2006, I began to study the processes through which elearning innovations aim to grow to become sustainable tools or products. The experience of colleagues on that Project made me realize that existing organizational environments and cultures did not make life easy for elearning innovators, despite national and institutional agenda that aimed to promote elearning capability across the higher education sector. Part of my professional role is to provide support for elearning innovation and capacity building within my own institution, so I undertook case study research to analyze the problem with a view to devising workable solutions.

The study has since been extended well beyond the original scope, discussed, presented, published and hopefully put to good use in the New Zealand HE sector and beyond. The final push came with a grant from ACODE (The Australasian Council for Open, Distance and eLearning) to extend the study to include a number of Australian case studies, and publish a hard copy report - just to be different in this digital age!

I have circulated copies of the report to various people who may find the contents of interest, and welcome any feedback. My aim to raise this issue on the institutional agenda would be well served by further discussion, dissemination and collaboration to address these topical challenges. Email me if you want an electronic copy of the report, and post any comments below.


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